Monday, January 2, 2017

Nausée All Over Again

I assume there is an opinion that one must respect trump because he is President soon.

That is just another form of conservative bullshit.

When a person defiles an office by his or her presence in it, the office itself is defiled and foregoes mandatory respect until said office is filled at some future time by a non-defiler.

I was bumping up against that thought back on election day.

I had walked down La Seine and gotten to the Passerelle whose name I can never remember – it used to be Pont Solférino – where there is a statue of Thomas Jefferson.

I have always liked that statue – one of the reasons, beyond the fact that it is a good statue and that I admire Jefferson, is because that seemed to be where the largest group of ring droppers (I called them pigeon droppers) used to congregate in their hey day – and on this day, election day, I had some thoughts that were unique to the place and time.

And I took some pictures of the statue.

And then I wended my way on down to La Tour and Pont Bir Hakeem.

Later that evening I posted those thoughts this blog.

"I should note that the Jefferson images caused a sort of – what Sartre et al used to call nausée (as I understand the Existentialist meaning of that word it was not physical; it was spiritual) – la nausée in this case taking the form of abject horror that a list with names like Jefferson, Washington, Reagan, both of the Roosevelts, Jackson, (maybe even Van Buren) both of the Adams, Truman, Lincoln, LBJ and JFK could ever be sullied by the name trump – no matter how brief a time he might have floundered in office to the eternal detriment of the Republic – makes me want to puke forth from both my physical and my spiritual vents.

But other than that it was a real good day."

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