Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Operation Kristallnacht

It appears that the beginning of the final solution has been initiated by the newly installed faux government of the United States.

On Sunday 12 February the sweeps commenced.

Named “Operation Kristallnacht” they have continued since.

On 14 February Kristallnacht chose to make a statement of retribution to the State of Washington for the State’s opposition to a recent unconstitutional executive order from the faux president: ICE has jailed a young American of Hispanic origins and is in the process of deporting him.

ICE claims he is a gang member.

No one anywhere is able to find a basis for that claim, but at its weakest it is an alternate fact so its use as a basis for deportation stands with no possibility of being contradicted.

The next expected event is a “Muslim feint”.

This will be an obviously hostile move somewhere in America by one or more Muslims.

The rail cars in support of this phase of Kristallnacht have been seen gathering at secret locations country wide.

The recent government purchase of a Monsanto insecticide factory is thought to be in support of this phase of the operation.

Let the fun begin.

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