Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Need To Be Safe Strikes Again

I heard today about a new law that the Texas State Legislature is working on.

The Lieutenant Governor is apparently quite deeply involved in it also.

It is no wonder that almost all of the governmental machinery of the State of Texas (yippee!!) is being devoted to getting the new law promulgated as soon as possible.

When I heard what the crime is that the law is intended to nip in the bud – that’s a Texas law enforcement term – I immediately wondered why all the other forty nine states weren’t working feverishly on similar laws.

But they aren’t.

As far as I have heard so far anyway.

Texas’s Legislature and the Lieutenant Governor are about to promulgate a law to eliminate for once and for all one of the most heinous – and ubiquitous – crimes known to man.

Or known to Texans, at least.

They are passing a law that will make it illegal for a man to dress up like a woman, go into a public lavatory marked “women” and perform perversions on any woman who might be in the place taking a piss.

It may include taking a crap also, but I’m not sure of that.

Nor do I know if performing perversions on women just hanging around in the restroom is covered by the new law.

But I’m sure if it isn’t and if that proves to be a major component of the bathroom perversion crime wave in Texas, the Texas Legislature, and the Texas Lieutenant Governor, will add that to the law as soon as possible.

I am utterly thankful that Texas has identified this massive new wave of criminal perversion and is taking measures to snuff it out (snuff it out being another Texas law enforcement term).

I am deeply concerned that my home state seems to be oblivious to this overwhelming threat to the safety of users of public restrooms marked “women”.

That obliviousness is part and parcel of the reason that Americans are so terrified of all things, in all places and at all times.

Safety demands that we stamp out all forms of oblivion.

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