Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Math Of The New Order

Let’s assume trump is correct: all old white men without jobs – jobs that they used to have in a formerly golden era – jobs in the mines, the factories and the distribution centers of America, have all been fucked.

The assumption is that they have been fucked by the “system”.

So let’s wave our magic wand at that problem and make it go away.

Now we see all those old white men going back to their jobs in factories and mines and distribution centers, doing exactly the same job that their fathers, grand fathers and great grandfathers used to do.

The factory guy is turning the same bolt at the same place on the floor of the same factory producing the same substandard product that America’s post World War II industrial dominance had allowed.

(When the rest of the world is in ashes, anybody with any kind of industrial capability can sell anything.)

The others are all working in pretend jobs woven of the same hallucinatory fabric.

But because the rest of the world – now that the ashes of World War Two are long gone - has figured out quality, cost control and ubiquitous availability, competition raises its ugly head: the last thing America ever wanted was competition.

But it came.

And it remains.

And we have lost.

Not because we have been fucked – as donnie the dildo continually asserts – but because we thought being American meant winning automatically.

It doesn’t work that way.

One needs to be smart to win.

One needs to be educated to win.

One needs to be agile to win.

Google, Facebook, Costco and Amazon – to name a few – all exhibit those qualities (those, previously, dominant American qualities).

Why should we let the dildo tell us all that we have been “fucked” when we have in fact, merely, abandoned all the traits that made us the America everybody wants back?

We can see what the future is, and it is not turning the same bolt at the same duty station, on the the same square foot of floor, making the same tired old product that our grandfather – or maybe, even, our great grandfather made.

The future is Costco – etc. – making up the world as they go; it is not doing the same tired old things that produce the same tired old things that tired old people don’t want to buy any more.

That was the Soviet Model.

Maybe that’s why the dildo likes Putin so much.

But let’s assume that trump is correct.

How much money do those miners, manufacturers and distributors who have all been fucked need to make?

Congress would say $7.25 an hour.


What they NEED to make is about $45 an hour: to feed, house, clothe and educate a family.

So let’s spot all those trump resuscitated workers $45 an hour.

Good luck Walmart shoppers.

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