Thursday, July 27, 2017

14 June 2029

Today was the glorious birthday of the Lord Protector.

He was feted with two parades.

One was his annual favorite: a three hour show of the military might of Great America including a fly over by the most expensive aircraft in history – the new trillion dollar a copy F1001, a plane that carries twelve competing pilots who each chart a course to a target of their choosing and who each launch individual battle plans from so called “aircraft fragments” which are twelve viable objects that burst forth from the mother craft at the point of “maximum psychological tension” which is that point at which the computer assesses the various battle plans as being irreconcilable.

Each of the twelve then execute their “Kamikaze” which is the name given to the completion of their mission for the glory of the father land.

These weapons are especially effective against the two billion strong enemy known as ISISTWOTOTEN.

The other parade was of less importance to the Lord Protector.

But it is considered by him to be an “inconvenient necessity”.

It is the twelve hour procession known as the Cavalcade Of The Serfs”.

Each year for the birthday celebration 10 million are chosen from the 330 million serfs of Great America and are given the honor of marching past the Lord Protector.

After the march they are given the honor of tilling the fields of Champs de trump – the vast grain land once called the American Midwest.

This is generally a “Terminal Assignment” which is the term of honor which is granted to those who give their lives in service to the Lord Protector.

At day’s end all attention is set forward to the morrow.

That is Constitution Rescinding Day, which celebrates 15 June 2021.

That was the day the 22nd Amendment was “set aside”.

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