Monday, July 17, 2017

Can We Move Beyond donnie?

I saw a post about Senator Kamala Harris of California saying that she is a viable – maybe even choice – candidate for president in 2020.

I am intensely concerned about what the Democrats don’t seem to understand: if they/we/I don’t do any more than yell and whine about what an asshole is donnie – and that is unarguably true - we are going to lose yet again.

And that will be a loss that America will not be able to sustain.

So here is what I think about Senator Harris.

If she has real, new ideas, and if she is charismatic, and if she can embed those real new ideas in a husk of personal charisma, I might listen.

We don’t need the Constitutional Convention that so many conservatives want.

But there is something that we do need.

We - the American people - need a blank sheet of paper upon which we describe America as she is, and America as she should be, and then upon which we inscribe the ten or so non-negotiable articles of citizenship (universal health care being paramount) that all of us -old, young, wealthy, poor and so on - have to have to be contributing citizens.

And that sheet of paper should become the document upon which a new political movement, and therefore, a new America can be built.

If Harris is just another huckster, I vote no.

If she can induce that blank sheet of paper to be filled out, and if she can credibly represent it, I vote yes.

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