Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reply Et Riposte

I recently posted about the North Korean nuclear situation: Bombs And Rockets And Blame Assessment.

A friend of long standing read it.

He reacted in a way that surprised me.

“I am still amazed that so many Liberals spring forth with rants on Trump, ie. you with some 600 words, while when Mr. Obama reigned there were some conservatives who ranted put they were labeled racist blithering idiots.You are but one more example of how the American public can be led like sheep, mainly by the media.”

I had to reply.

“If you read what I said it has nothing to do with donnie.

I just took two obvious opportunities (they both flowed naturally from the point on the table when the fun was being had) to make fun of him – that’s hardly a rant.

The rest is a distillation of what I have heard various people who I think know something say.

It is a distillation that I have not seen anyone else make.

It ends with a question that is the obvious one to ask after reading the rest of the distillation; and that question is the whole point to the exercise.

It is simply “who has been watching the store for the last thirty or forty years?”

History is going to ask that question; I got there first.

If listening to and distilling all the information I can gather is being led, I guess I’m being led. 

It seems preferable to living in a room with no lights on.

Later, maybe.”

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