Friday, April 20, 2018

All Is Wells That Ends Wells????

Two young black men go to a Starbucks to meet an associate for a meeting.

(That sounds harmless to the point of being antiseptic.)

Within minutes the two young men are taken into police custody in handcuffs and kept in custody for the next numerous hours.

(That sounds like the setup for some important movie trailer.)

The young men DID get released (since they had only been guilty of going into Starbucks while being black).

They, of course, had not been aware of that heinous crime.


Today Wells Fargo was allowed to pay a fine rather than going to jail.

Unlike the young Philadelphia Starbucks Blacks, Wells is guilty of numerous crimes.

Rather than going to jail Wells got to pay a fine which they are able to cover out of 25% of this quarter’s profits.


I’m reading Ron Chernow’s new biography of Grant.

I am at the part of the book, after the Civil War had been terminated, when the vanquished South had begun to create the system we still have today that deals with our formerly enslaved Black Fellow Citizens.

Those unreconstructed Confederates would understand the Philadelphia/Wells Connection.

And applaud.


I think I hear them.

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