Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Donnie In Retreat

Now that his “personal attorney” has been sifted through Donnie, is getting REALLY NERVOUS AND JERKY.
I guess that means we can expect an un-Constitutional nuclear attack on – somebody.
That’s what donnie does.
Counter punch.
Might be nice if we had a president who was out in front of the issues.
So he wouldn’t always feel compelled to – counterpunch.
But we aren’t.
So the donnie doth bestride the world.
Or so he thinks.
But when you are The Donald (I just discovered that  a real asshole from the 1690s in England called himself “The McDonald”) you are able to make huge numbers of massively ridiculous decisions and look good to your base.
We used to call that base the groundlings.
In Shakespeare's time.
But now it is the base.
Of the electorate of the  most important country that has ever existed.
And it is bringing that country down.
What a joke.

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