Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Moron Strikes Again

In a time period that one would hope that donnie might be trying to learn something about the issues involved with North Korea’s view of “de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” (their view, by the way is that the US remove all its troops, disengage entirely from any military relationship with the South and sign an agreement guaranteeing to never attack the North – while the North keeps and augments it nuclear capability, just to be safe) he is instead manifesting his well known business acumen (“boy are we lucky to have donnie instead of one of them politicians – he’s a business man; he knows how to get things done”).

“Post Office Scam Must Stop” he thunders from his aerie in twitter land.

It’s comforting to know that we have such an astute business man with his priorities straight saving us from the onslaughts of unfettered greedy capitalism (wait; wait; I thought he was a capitalist; oh never mind).

And his grasp of the situation, its fine points and nuances shows him to be in league with his Olympian Predecessors – Washington and his grasp of a long term strategy to defeat an empire; Roosevelt and his multi front grasp of the means and methods and implements necessary to a new world order; Eisenhower and his grasp of a world wide supply chain feeding a world wide  military machine – a machine that ultimately grinds an opposing ideology into dust.

But donnie exceeds all of this.

donnie is a business man.

Jeff Bezos has invested huge amounts of money in regional warehouses, logistic electronics, material handling apparatus and supply chain sophistication.

He has done all of that so Amazon can go to America’s ubiquitous and dominant last mile deliver of “stuff’.

That would be USPS.

The favorable price he got from USPS for last mile delivery is based upon the fact that it is a good deal for USPS.

They get a huge increase in business to do what they do best: be in our neighborhoods delivering stuff to us.

The deal really leverages their existing fixed costs.

Those fixed costs have been an increasing threat to the continued existence of USPS: as first class mail disappears USPS still has the same investment in people, benefits and hardware; they have maximum cost and minimum business.

That’s a going out of business scenario.

Or so a business man might think.

So Jeff has just poured a huge stream of no cost or, at least, low cost (he has footed all the costs to get to USPS’ doorstep) stuff on USPS’ doorstep and said “how much to deliver these”?

Sounds like Jeff wins in the battle of the business men and donnie comes off as the charlatan that he is.

Sounds like USPS wins in the battle to stay alive – relevant, even.

If donnie had a clue about business he would be taking credit for cutting “the Amazon deal” even though he had nothing to do with it (once a charlatan always a charlatan).

But he is, to quote our recently de-frocked Secretary of State, a fucking moron.

A moronic charlatan.

What a concept.

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