Friday, May 11, 2018

Just Hypothesizing: Here Comes The Binnie/donnie Nuclear War Show

It could be that donnie really has the delusion of adequacy that he keeps asserting to have.

And having a laughably bogus appointment in Singapore in June does nothing to make me feel that to be other than true.

But I have begun to see a shape to his delusions.

And the shape is ugly, as ugly as its progenitor.

I think donnie and Binnie have cooked up a deal where they are going to force Iran to bomb multiple cities in Israel which would, of course, force an immediate and nuclear Israeli attack on Iran.

Israel has just been itching for this for years.

And donnie wants to be significant: what could be more significant than reducing Iran to ashes – and without any obviously American fingerprints, warplanes, missiles or pilots?

“What a deal!” I think I heard John Bolton shriek.

I guess we don’t need to worry much about trade wars anymore.

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