Thursday, May 17, 2018

Oh, Is That What Really Happened?

I Understand that one of the algorithms that Cambridge Analytica developed with the 87 million American Facebook users’ data was one that could cause targeted individuals not to vote.

I guess the Russians bought that algorithm.

We are learning – substantially beyond conjecture – the Putin wanted Trump to win.

We are beginning to learn what really happened when Little Donnie, Jared and the other usual factotums met with the Russians in June 2016 in Trump Tower to discuss the dirt the Russians had on Hillary.

We are retroactively interested in donnie’s political rally comment the following day that the trump campaign would be imminently releasing damning information about “the Clintons”.

So we have what could be construed to be a curious confluence of algorithm (computer program) and information (computer data – the “dirt” on the Clintons).

If only 70,000 targeted voters spread across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin – black voters for instance – could have been been convinced not to vote, donnie would have won the 2016 election.

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