Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Story Of The Eggs

A guy we know here on the island raises chickens.

And the chickens even have a retirement policy: when they get too old to lay eggs they stay on until the die of natural causes; he doesn’t convert his kids’ friends to meat on the table.

Recently he gave us some of the eggs.


Like French eggs, these hadn’t been washed so they didn’t need to be refrigerated.

They were so pretty that we left them on the counter for several days admiring them.

But it seemed that they should be used, and we did – use them – but we memorialized their passing with appropriate images.

The big one became the Huevos in a plate of Rancheros:


The others joined some locally harvested oyster mushrooms in an omelet.



We hope the chickens are pleased when they read this post.

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