Tuesday, February 19, 2019

It’s A Different Emergency–From What You Thought

donnie has declared “emergency, emergency, emergency” (my version of donnie’s bleating is an homage to the movie The Russians Are Coming, The Russians are Coming).


He has declared that “emergency” as a ruse so he can take money from already approved by Congress programs.

In fact the “emergency”, such as it is, is that Congress won’t give donnie the money he wants.

So he trumps up a synthetic emergency that he thinks gives him the right to take money anyway.

He can’t.

The Constitution clearly says who does money allocation.

And it’s not him.

donnie is  violating Article I.

But what the hell.

However, the plot thickens.

Under pressure of questions about how there can be an emergency (hoards of rapists taking right turns in their giant SUVs) when, however they might get here, the number of people entering illegally has dropped massively in the last few years, an administration TV talker said that those people aren’t the emergency.

The emergency, he said is all those families. 

We need the wall to keep out all those families.

International law says that populations under massive and life threatening duress have the right to migrate to safer environments.

They have the right to get to that safer place and they have the obligation to present themselves immediately after entering that place to appropriate officials; those officials have the obligation to officially receive those people – they are called in international law, refugees – and swiftly adjudicate the residence request of those refugees under the terms and conditions of international and related United States law.

“Those families” from three Central American countries that are in political, social, economic and moral chaos absolutely are refugees, not donnie’s rapists.

So donnie has violated the Constitution to build a law to keep out refugees who have the right to come into our country under international and domestic law.

So he is violating the Constitution so he can violate international and United States law.

If it weren’t for Ol’ Mitch and the cretins articles of impeachment would be underway.

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