Friday, February 15, 2019

Well Nigh The Bottom Of The Slippery Slope

donnie says “I don’t like the Legislature telling me how much I can spend and on what I can spend it”.

The Constitution says “donnie, the Legislature – specifically the House of Representatives has sole power of initiating spending bills”.

donnie says “I don’t give a shit; I am going to invent an emergency and take money that the Legislature has authorized for other purposes”.

Anyone with any sense says “that is a violation of the Constitution tantamount to treason”.

What is supposed to happen now is that the House will initiate a joint resolution of termination of the state of emergency, pass it and send it to the Senate.

In this specific circumstance ol’ Mitch can’t keep a vote from being taken.

The Senate should pass it, but probably won’t because the republicans are so punch drunk on their recently found majority that they just don’t have time for things like the Constitution.

But let’s say they pass the bill of termination.

Then it goes to donnie who will veto it.

The legislature can override the veto, but won’t, because the republicans don’t give a shit about the Constitution (a lot of them are from states who have always had a problem with the Document, so that shouldn’t be any kind of on going surprise) and won’t vote to override.

At that point it will go to court, and after some lower court thrashing, will go to the Supreme Court where Bret the Beer Drinker and his four cronies will vote in favor of donnie, and against the Constitution and we will be pretty close to having been presented with a Maduro-style fait accomplis.

I think this is the most dangerous thing for our country that I have ever seen, and I am 23 years short of 100.

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