Friday, February 22, 2019

Some Hopes

I have been low on hope relating to the 2020 presidential election for some time now.

The candidates that I think would beat donnie, Joe Biden, Jerry Brown or Bernie Sanders are just too old.

They could win, but could they live – with vigor – for the eight years that are two terms?

That question surrounds those candidates with a pall of gloom.

And gloom is not conducive to hope.

For a couple weeks now, though, I have been feeling hopes descend upon me.

Here is hope one: Bernie wins the nomination.

Here is hope two: Bernie picks Pete Buttigieg as his running mate.  Pete is the most articulate and clear thinking person I can remember ever hearing speak.

A Bernie and Pete – a Democratic Socialist and a brilliant Millennial – can win.

And the age problem is solved.

Having someone like Pete as Vice President puts a completely competent replacement at the ready.

And if Bernie can deliver two terms of competent leadership it puts us in the position to get two more terms with a well seasoned Vice President who would only be 46 years old in 2028.

Those are my hopes.

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