Friday, April 19, 2019

Somebody Must Have Told donnie What Mueller Said

donnie was over the moon, game of thrones, ecstatic yesterday about the Mueller report.

We all knew that was just donnie being childish, which is what happens as one slips into senility.

Overnight things changed.

Today donnie is, again, calling the Mueller Report a witch hunt etc. etc. etc.

Anger, explosive, irrational, and totally heuristically ad hoc is another symptom of senility.

But maybe he is still in command of something resembling a human set of capabilities.

Probably not.

But maybe.

So, I guess somebody must have broken the news to him about what the Mueller Report actually says.

It says something like “if we could say donnie were not a criminal we would say so, but the evidence before us does not allow us to make that sort of assertion.  The Congress, as specified in the Constitution needs to adjudicate this”.

Yeah, I know, those are all my words; but that is pretty much what Mueller said.

I really admire Mr. Mueller for medieval level guile and finesse.

However, the Constitution has a pretty rigorous impeachment process.

It has been invoked twice and never removed a president.

That is because if the Senate can’t deliver 66 guilty votes it aint gonna happen.

And the republican party is still giddy about donnie and his racist/fascist “base” and the electoral opportunity that has been presented to them by the politics of hate.

However, the threat that that deplorable minority of residents in the great country known as the United States of America presents to most of us, and to those of us that are still trying to get here is gargantuan.

So one would hope that it would be possible to excise the cancer known as donnie.

But it can’t happen.

Until - or if – those “things” bearing the label “republican” re-enter the human, American, race, we are just fucked.

I guess the follow on conclusion to all of this is that donnie couldn’t commit treason because he is too stupid.

Or too senile.

Or both.

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