Saturday, July 11, 2020

A Good Question - This Time

Biden proposes:

Keep the Affordable Care Act, fixing all the obvious flaws that it has exhibited since passage and adding all the obvious enhancements that were left out the first time.

One of those enhancements will be to add the ability for citizens to buy Medicare, a world class health care system (one could view that as a significant step toward universal health care).

He also proposes that, having seen the threats to national security and national survival inherent in outsourcing our manufacturing and distribution supply chains, he will bring them home; and that means lots of American jobs; and, if voracious and rapacious corporations are properly controlled, those jobs will pay a living wage.

He also says he will re-join the Paris Accord and put America back on the path to saving the planet; that probably includes adoption of significant components of the Green New Deal; that means jobs, lots of American jobs, good paying jobs.

There probably will be more.

But even those three things, when compared to donnie and the republicans' pointless and aimless chaos and their promise of more to come if re-elected, ought to be enough to allow Joe to ask a simple question.

"What do you have to lose"?

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