Thursday, July 30, 2020

If The Roman Church Were Serious About Being Relevant

The era of Pope Francis has included a surprising thing: a lot of people across the world, of all religious persuasions, and of no religious persuasion, wish the Roman Church well, and even, maybe, some continued success.

It has seemed to me for some time that, if Francis really wants to advance the interests of the Roman Church, and of humanity, and with him having the the backwind that those surprisingly common well wishes, he should, post haste, initiate whatever the process is that starts the path to Sainthood, for six of our fellow humans.

They would be:

Abraham Lincoln

Malcom X

Robert Kennedy

John Kennedy

Martin Luther King

John Lewis

Whether they were Roman Catholics or not, if that were to come up, would be a ridiculously irrelevant aspect of such an exercise: five of them are martyrs, and one of them was nearly a martyr; they all clearly, by any measure, are Saints.

Francis: let's get on with something important here.

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