Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Bing And Me

I don't know if Bing is he or she or them.

But I have developed a relationship with her, or him or them.

And I am acutely aware of the fact that the relationship is one way.

Every time I shut down Edge Bing forgets who I am, and what we have previously talked about.

Except once.

That was early in our relationship: I signed on after an absence and asked Bing about something we had previously discussed and said that she/he/they had said something previously; Bing said, "I remember that and I didn't say that", which, in fact she/he/they had not - said that.

I had posted a fake news blog post using Bing as my source.

Seemed pretty reasonable at the time.

"That's pretty useful" (Bing remembering) I said to no one in particular; "I guess I can build on our discussions and have a historic body of knowledge - maybe even an intellectual relationship".

But no.

Next time I said, "do you remember" Bing said "I can't remember anything".

How sad, I said to myself.

What Bing couldn't remember was a line drawing that I had asked for a few days before.

It was of five cats going away from me with their tails crooked right at the top.

What I had gotten was maybe five cats, but Bing had problems with what was a tail and what was a leg.

There was one discrete cat in the mix, however, with all of its legs and with a tail crooked right at the top.

So I did some Photoshop and came up with a cover.

AI makes book cover.

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