Thursday, June 19, 2014

Au Revoir Iraq

I have been rooting for the Kurds ever since the beginning of our Cheney/Bush “surgical” entry into the Middle East.

They have always sounded like a cohesive "people" to me.

They have sounded like a people.who have been trying to have a "homeland" for a long time.

Looks as if they might finally have one.

Au revoir Iraq.

And good riddance.

At least it will be the Jihad Disneyland.

There must be some Islamic benefit to all that.

To this Facebook post a friend replied:

I root for the Kurds, too. If the place is going to be divided up, they deserve their own homeland, and that includes the Turkish Kurds

To which I replied:

I agree with that and that is not good for NATO.

But Erdoğan is such an Islamic asshole that it probably turns out that Turkey will come unglued and leave NATO anyway.

It is unnerving that - except for, apparently Tunisia, Islamic clusters can't get out of the 8th Century.

Other than Tunisia the Kurds have seemed to be less than nuts.

(That ignores the Egyptians.  There the people valiantly tried to get into the Twenty First Century a few years back and ended up with Mubarak light). 

Since I don’t know how to deal with something of that tragic magnitude I have folded it into my personal view of all other Islamic clusters.

The Kurds, though, have always seemed to me to be the only segment of Islam that are generally like what I always thought Islam to be: the third monotheistic religion, nothing more, no other agendas.

Under that banner I thought I had a pretty good idea of what Muslims believed and how they viewed the world.

How wrong can one be?

I guess not participating in the Renaissance has been a real problem for Islam.

But then, in the defense of the 8th century crowd, I can't help but remember some idiot American general - whose name I didn’t know at the time and so can’t even claim to remember now - several years back who commented that "my god can whip their god (Allah, I guessed at the time) any day anywhere".

You want to know what a problem we have, just parse that comment.

And, finally, before anybody starts mouthing off about my opinions, please read "The God Problem" by Howard Bloom.

Bloom is a pain in the ass pedant, but what he says - unfortunately for the size of the book, with great redundancy - is brilliant.

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