Friday, June 13, 2014

Iraq: It Seemed to Me

I had no idea, when the event  occurred, why Maliki decided not sign the SOFA .

It seemed to me to be irrational on the part of Maliki,  since without a backbone of US troops remaining for a long time in Iraq, it seemed to me, there was a pretty good chance of things falling back into chaos.

But Maliki wanted our troops to be subject to Iraqi “law” and we didn’t sign the SOFA.

So: welcome to chaos.

The fact that, without a SOFA, we went home is something that needs to be talked about.

We ought to talk about it because the republican party, in its never ending mission to bring down our President, will inevitably, now that a disaster of biblical proportions looms on the horizon in Iraq, say that it is all Obama’s fault.

Actually it is all Maliki’s fault.

No American president was going to sign an agreement that said that a residue of its citizens, left behind in a war zone, were going to be subject to a capricious and questionable legal system administered by a pretend government.

Maliki insisted that that would be the case and Obama eschewed.

If Obama had not eschewed signing such a SOFA the republicans, when the first errant American suddenly was being tried in an Iraqi pretend court, would be beating the drum of impeachment, saying that the President had passed to a foreign “government” (quotes mine) sovereignty over American citizens. 

And they would, I imagine, be saying that that was a sort of treason.

But the President – for reasons obvious to all but the republicans – (unless they had gotten their dream scenario - a signed SOFA - in which they would have been cheering, as they waited for the inevitable American-in-the-clutches-of- Iraq) and joyously filed their Articles of Impeachment – didn’t sign the SOFA.

Now the world is seeing the inevitable result of no American military presence. 

They have been replaced by a huge hoard of islamic nuts.

Welcome to the caliphate.

I guess that (or at least I hope that) drones can be armed with precision-targeted micro nukes, so that the critical mass of islamic nuts heading toward Baghdad  may not be all bad.

They should make a great target.

How nice.

Taking out the incipient caliphate in one blinding fel swoop would be a good thing.

Since we are going to have to do something major about this, that would be, or would have been (if it happens) a good thing.

The other thing that needs to be talked about is that America, if she really wants to continue as the keeper of the post WWII peace, will have to bring back the draft.

The all volunteer military is an abject failure.

So we need to fix that problem with a universal conscription law – post haste.

And that will be a really good thing – for America and for the world.

I may post something about that at another time.

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