Monday, June 30, 2014

La Citrouille 2014

If you ever had occasion to read my post from 2010

about this restaurant you might have tried it yourself since then.

Or you may have read the post and not been moved to try it.

Or you may have just found yourself to have been mildly entertained by my screw-loose description of the place.

Or you may have never heard of me or my post.

Or … or, I don’t know.

But it’s 2014 and I am still going to La Citrouille. 

And for me it as good as ever, or maybe better. 

Having a place in Paris that I can go to and be welcomed like a long lost friend every time I show up after a year or so absence is a very pleasant phenomenon.

In 2012 my wife and I and my daughter in law and my son spent the entire evening of my 70th birthday in the place.

It’s just not right for a family to have as much fun as we did that evening.

The La Citroilleians even sang happy birthday to me.

I probably could pontificate at length about how great a place I think La Citrouille to be, but the previous post did quite enough of that.

Suffice it to say that I still think if you want to go to a place with good food and great people when you are in Paris go to La Citrouille.

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