Monday, June 9, 2014

Who Really Gives a Shit Whether Bowe is a Deserter?

I didn't know anything about Bowe Bergdahl - not even his name - until recently.

I knew there was some guy from Idaho that was the only captive in the hands of "the enemy" in Afghanistan.

So when he was traded for a paltry number of Taliban - the Israelis deal in hundreds of tradees when they get back one or two Israeli captives - I thought "great".

Of course I didn't know that he was maybe a deserter. I had to learn that form a friend of mine who is an Idahonian.

So I am Pogo, looking at this whole fiasco from Paris saying "my, my".

The thing that really seems to be relevant to this, though, actually does have something to do with Paris.

A couple of days ago I posted:

about my thoughts about D Day.

In net, those thoughts are that Americans, and the guy who later became their President, did something that day that eclipses anything else any other nation and its citizens have ever done - world history to date.

And that is what bothers me about the Bergdahl Travesty - deserter or not.

How can five Islamic nuts, given their freedom, threaten the very foundation of the nation - and its citizens - that climbed those cliffs seventy years ago? And then kept going and turned Hitler into a charred jaw bone in a cigar box?

If that is true, that five nihilists can bring our civilization down, we - the American People - have atrophied in a manner that has never been seen in world history.

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