Saturday, June 27, 2015

The US Supreme Court: It’s Real Good When They Decide Our Way…

… but they issue invalid opinions when we don’t like their drift.  Or we don’t even like their decisions.

“Money is Speech” was hard for me to swallow (Citizens United).

But I swallowed it.

The Court is one of my most revered human institutions, and even when they see things in a manner that I don’t see them, I shrug and say “I DO believe in Madison and all those other guys from 1787; I guess the Court did the best they could do and we the people need to move on and keep America going.”

And the Founders knew that the Court with its power of final decision on laws would be a moveable feast of political and philosophical viewpoints.

That’s probably why they made the appointment for life and said there would be nine of them

It has worked.

So when I hear members of the Universal Church of American Bigoted Pseudo Christians all in a pack and in full cry shrieking “the Court has no right to decide things that affect American life” (actually, I always thought that was what the Court was there for, to be the final arbiter of the churn of stuff that would inevitably spin off of the ballot box and the two houses of the legislature – balance of power – remember? I become nauseous.

So, in the wake of yesterday’s equality under the law decision for gay people as far as marriage, I have been puking my guts every time I see (on my iPhone PBS app since I unplugged Comcast long ago) one of the little men or the little women who are members of the Church of Universal Bigotry telling me the Court had no right to grant equality under the law to people who differ from them, that God (an arguable presence at best) has/did/should have/would have/will get around to it, dictated marriage as a sacred union (so why is divorce so popular) between a MAN and a WOMAN, and that that union is the ONLY WAY IN WHICH NORMAL CHILDREN WILL BE PRODUCED – etc. etc. etc. -

I couldn’t help but to have noticed that the President and his Vice President and their families spent a good portion of Friday past with a lot of people honoring and grieving for nine people who were shot down by a product of the sort of union described above (A UNION BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN etc. etc. etc.) but I probably have missed some white christian value nuance inherent in the shooting down of black people in their churches.

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