Monday, April 10, 2017

America Has A Few Things Making It Great; And They Have Been Around A Long Time


I can’t remember when I found The Waffle House. 

But I remember that it was the best food of that sort I had ever had; and the service was superb, and genuinely friendly; and all the people – employees and customers, a multi- racial polyglot – all seemed to know and really like each other.

I assumed it was a one off experience.

At some time later than that experience I went to a Waffle House again; and it was just the same – amazingly great, people included.

After that I went every now and then when I was anywhere near one of them.

Always the same – great on all counts.

But the acid test was when, one time on a trip, my wife and II went to one – she had never been and was humoring me to go with me to such a place.

She is really picky about restaurants.

She says she is discriminating.

“This is the best pecan waffle I have ever eaten” was her verdict.

That and she suggested the idea that we see if we could get a franchise for the pacific Northwest and leave IBM.

Waffle House has been contributing to America’s greatness a lot longer that the recent sloganeering, lying faux president started his pretend administration.

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