Thursday, April 6, 2017

Faux est Dangereux

Let’s see if I have this straight.

In 2000 the US Supreme Court awarded the Presidency to George W. Bush.

More recently, Mitch McConnell personally vetoed President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

That has left the Court without a ninth Justice for over a year.

Today McConnell personally vetoed the Democrats ability to exercise their parliamentary right and duties.

And finally, some time in the next days, McConnell will convene a contrived vote for the current candidate for Justice – the candidate that has been brought forward to replace the candidate previously vetoed by McConnell.

It should be also mentioned that the candidate to be put on the Court by the imminent contrived vote was nominated by a president who was elected in an election rigged by the Russians.

That’s a treatment for a pitch for a film, right?

We’ll call it The Player II, right?

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