Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Screen Saver Again

A few years ago I wrote a memoir called Screen Saver.

I used the techniques of movie directors for telling their stories: present the viewer (reader) a stream of clips (stories) that the readers’ brains were to be tasked with putting together in a coherent tale.

The clips were drawn from my life in the same random manner, without reference to time or space, that the screensaver on a computer employs when set to “images”.

Recently I decided to see if Windows 10 could handle a heavy task: get it’s Screen Saver function to access all the folders and images in my 50GB digital image file; the subjects roam the world from the ferry dock at Anacortes to Le Jardin des Plantes in Paris; previous Microsoft operating systems found the task undoable – they choked and stopped when told to do the Digital Images file.

But Windows 10 has proven to be up to the task; after five minutes of inactivity it starts to chug through the years and miles just as if it were delving into a couple gigs of images.

The result has been that, when I see it in operation, my current Screen Saver setting brings up at random a big chunk of my last twenty years.

I have decided to pick an especially meaningful Screen Saver curation every now and then and post it here on my blog.

Here is the initial choice.

screen saver blog post 041917 00000

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