Thursday, April 20, 2017

Some Birds From Today

We have a huge flock of goldfinches.

There are a lot of pine siskins.

There are some white crowned sparrows.

There is a pair of golden crowned sparrows.

There are a lot of red winged blackbirds; the female isn’t red winged, nor black; but the males are.

A few warblers show up for food at the fly through feeder every now and then.

There are still a lot of chestnut sided chickadees.

And a nuthatch shows up every now and then.

And the suet feeder is a favorite for downy woodpeckers and hairy woodpeckers.

All told this composite hoard goes through about ten pound of seed and a pound of suet a week.

Here are pictures of four of the bird types mentioned.

I took them today.

lopez goldfinch 042017 00015

lopez golden crowned sparrow 042017 00003

lopez female redwinged blackbird 042017 00003

lopez white crowned sparrow 042017 00012

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