Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Jimmies and the donnies

I am currently reading for the fourth time History of England by Thomas Babington Macaulay.

As always, I am mesmerized.

This time however, the early stages of the tale so parallel our current daily news I am taken into another dimension of enjoying history.

It really does repeat.

Or,more likely, being the past, if follows Faulkner’s observation.

Whatever, it is a wonderful five volume set that I inherited from my grandfather – and I am 75, so it (the set) is pretty old.

I had it re-bound last winter, in fact.


I just got back from a week long trip to Manchester Tennessee.

Where Joe and Ann Claire, and Cory and Marcus and Sarah and Cynthia and Janet and Michael and Nancy and Warren and Donna and Jimmie and David and Michel and Jacob live.

I hope I didn’t forget anybody.


I took volume two of Macaulay with me.

The old almost worn out goat skin part of the cover that I didn’t get re-bound was slightly worse for wear.

Checking something old and fragile in a bag on a Delta flight is really stupid.

But I did it.

But the book only suffered minor abrasions.


This is an email I sent to a few of the people named above.

It is yet another of my amazed observations of our idiot in chief.

And his similarity to at to at least one other bogus leader of the last few centuries.


“Macaulay survived the trip with only minor abrasions, so I still have a 100 pages in volume two of History of England to read.

And then follows the joy of three more volumes.

Of Macaulay.

In the current volume the plot is really a story that could be from CNN.

Jimmie II acted pretty much like donnie I.


And donnie I is already best buddies with the King of France: the French President is, after all, an elected, term limited monarch.

So I guess when we run him – donnie I – out, like they – the Brits of 1688 - did Jimmie II,  donnie will have a place in St. Germain.

Just like Jimmie II.

I wonder if he – donnie - will name that little kid he keeps dragging around Prince of Wales?

Bad move – donnie two is the one in line for years of Jacobin bullshit.

But I don’t think donnie I would understand that.

Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing y’all”.

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