Thursday, September 7, 2017

Unconscionable Is The Way To Rig The System

donnie keeps railing about the system being rigged.

When the system looks as if it might work against him.

But he thinks the system in fine when it is rigged against everybody else.

Like the eleven million people who saw in the United States a place where they could escape the scourge of imminent violent death from gangs and elements of their own governments, a place where they could work hard and accumulate wealth, a place where their children could get educated in an organized and consistently functioning education system, where they could live as civilized members of the human race; the fact that to get those things for themselves and their families those eleven million had to cross deserts and swim rivers and dodge human predators – and succeeded – should be a badge of courage; that badge of courage should be all that we – rest of the residents of the United States – would need to want to welcome these people with open arms; but there is a mudsill of hate in America; the mudsill fears anything different or anything slightly competitive; the mudsill sees those characteristics as an existential threat; so the politicians - to assure for themselves the vote of the mudsill - passed a law.

And that law is the keystone in the arch of the rigged system.

The law says that if a person is in the United States without papers he or she is guilty of a crime.

No matter their badge of courage.

No matter the loft of their ambitions.

No matter the very measurable heft of their contributions.

No matter how much most of the mudsill’s ancestors were – in previous generations – the same sort of people as that which the mudsill now abhors.

And that law is unconscionable.

It has no real purpose, other than to give the mudsill the basis for the never ending bogus claim “they broke the law”.

That’s a rigged system.

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