Friday, November 3, 2017

I Long To Return To Vapidity

If this long national nightmare ever ends, I hope to lapse into some degree of vapidity again.

As a citizen of the United States it has long been a vested right to be vapid.

Vapid is defined as “offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging”.

And in the old days of American politics, that was nice.

Really nice.

But now, every morning – or during the night if one is of the sort who can’t sleep without checking one’s iPhone – one is accosted by CNN posts about what outrages donnie has done over night.

Gets ones juices going.


And that’s not vapid.

It’s not vapid, for example to have to deal with the fact that the asshole in chief has, overnight, condemned a wayward military man to death.


Extra judicially.

And utterly capriciously.

Just to mention one overnight.


Unleashing total nuclear war gets my vapidity quotient plummeting to zero – also.

But, maybe it’s good.

To be on the edge of nuclear destruction.

Or on the edge of declaring America’s future – sole and complete – to be coal mining.

I want to be vapid when I hear about coal mining, because what could be more 19th Century than coal mining; and 19th Century stuff is pretty vapid; but, down deep I just get all het up: what kind of idiot would propose, and what kind of idiot would endorse and try to implement a return to coal?

It just stimulates one’s “what the fuck?” glands.

So vapidity suffers.

Then there is the new tax plan.

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