Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Angel Did It Part Ten

Dateline Gethsemane 0033 AD

“ I just don’t want to be god.”

“I am not, in any way, god.”

“I am, I guess, a thinker.

“And apparently thinkers are not welcome here.”

“The bald red guy just made a pitch”

“He said if I went with him I would be King – of something – I wasn’t sure of what.”

“He said the Jews are against me.”

“I am a Jew.”


“I know that they want to kill me.

“My people, I mean.”

“The Jews, I mean…”

“I know that…”

“The Romans don’t give a shit.”

“But I also know that …”

“The Jews want me gone.”

“And so Pilate washed his hands.”

“And then – I do have some connection with things that I do not understand - there is the future.”

“Those son of a bitches from Rome – I see a bunch of them in the future gathering at Nicaea – and saying that I was/am/will be/and forever must be -  be god.”

“Or the son of god.”

“In some weird triumvirate that gets around polytheism.”

“Which indicts me to being Divinity.”

“I am not.”


“I am and always will be, a man who hoped for the best from his fellows, and who tried to teach a few of them.”

“But it all went off the tracks somewhere about AD 325.”

“How sad.”

God, I hate this.”

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