Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Asymmetric Symmetry?

I just heard a BBC report that a galaxy has been discovered that lacks dark matter.

That is a big deal because all other known galaxies are made up mostly of dark matter.

That includes us – The Milky Way.

And what was even more interesting to the scientists who discovered this apparent anomaly, after the excitement of the anomaly (the initial discovery of the dark matter free galaxy) those scientists had expected the newly discovered galaxy to be dark matter heavy.

I won’t go into why they had thought that that was going to be the case because it isn’t very interesting; but they had thought it; and it wasn’t true.

So we now have one galaxy out of “n” galaxies that doesn’t have the thing that a lot of scientists think is the glue that holds the universe together and is also the dominant form of matter throughout the universe.

Why is that?

I have no idea.

But really, I have an idea.

Or I wouldn’t be writing this.

If the known universe – including the recently discovered  one sans matter noir – is viewed as a matrix – like one page of an Excel spreadsheet, is it possible to see all the known galaxies as cells in that one dimensional spread sheet?

But what if the real deal is a matrix of matrixes?

Maybe the galaxy just discovered is the one aberration in our matrix needed to balance off the next level of the matrix – the level where none of the cells have dark matter.

And maybe there is a cell there that is all dark matter.

And maybe that balances the next level of the matrix.

Where everything is, again, mostly dark matter.

Or maybe that cell has something we don’t know about to balance the next matrix level of cells with stuff that we don’t know about.

And maybe the matrix just keeps going.

Adding balances for more and more stuff that we don’t know about.

Or interleaved from stuff we don’t know about and things we do know about.

When I was young I used to go to the barber shop that shared a door with Sonny’s Bar and Grill.

In Portland.

The shop was long and skinny.

On opposite sides of the long dimension of the shop were mirrors going full wall.

They looked across space at each other.

When I was in the barber chair I could look at one of those mirrors.

In it I saw myself looking into that mirror.

And I could see the mirror that I was looking into with the reflection of me looking into it.

As far as I could tell, it went on forever.

I always thought that that was as close as I would ever be able to get to eternity.

Maybe that was a visual matrix of matrixes.

Just a thought.

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