Monday, June 11, 2018

Abre A Souhaits

There is a bridge in Parc Buttes des Chaumont that gives a good view of an apparently abandoned railroad track and the mouth of a tunnel that once gave that abandoned track access to something on the other side of a large hill.

I always like to go on that bridge and take pictures of the track and the tunnel mouth.

I especially like to do that on gloomy gray low hanging days; the images that come from those sessions are really depressing.

And I have always felt that to be a good thing.

I have never known why I have that feeling; I just do.

One time not long ago I might have gotten some insight into the appropriate nature of all of that gloom.

A group of homeless people had taken up residence down in the woods by the abandoned track.

As I was trying to come to some sort of conclusion about what was I seeing down there something other than the people caught my eye.

abre a souhaits SC 061118 00000

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