Sunday, June 3, 2018

An Observation On The Vietnam Memorial

I often think that I just imagined this.

But I have a few pictures.

So maybe not.

St. Ann d’Auray.

There is a WWI memorial there,

It honors the quarter million Bretons who gave their lives in the defense of France in the Great War.

The memorial is a huge cavity dug into a hillside in France.

The cavity has a sort of wall of stone girding it, and in that wall are the names of the 250,000 Bretons who died for god and country.

I always wonder why the facsimile in Washington DC gets so much press.

And why its creator gets so much reverence.

And I was there.


And I was there.

St. Ann d’Auray.

And I am glad that I got out alive.


But I wonder why the great DC Black Wall never gives a nod to the wall that preceded it.


It – the wall of St. Ann d’Auray – precedes the great black wall IN DC by a lot of years.

But Americans always think that they have invented everything.

Even when it is impossible to support that belief.

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