Saturday, June 2, 2018

donnie, the grid and the navy: this guy is amazing

donnie wants to sell the BPA to private industry so private industry can add a nice profit margin atop the very reasonable price the upper American Northwest has become accustomed to paying for electricity over the last hundred years. 

donnie says BPA is not wasteful enough or vicious enough to be in to be supplying electricity to the American people.

“They just don’t charge enough to be in business; and I am a businessman, so I know what it takes to be in business” he says in his trademark nasal manner of emulating human speech.

Now he wants to get rid of natural gas powered electricity providers.

“Way too efficient”, he says; “if we want Americans to have jobs we need to be REALLY INEFFICIENT”.

And EFFICIENCY cuts two ways when talking natural gas: first, America has figured out how to dominate the world with revolutionary production methods (“don’t want that” mutter the coal folks); second, gas is cheaper than coal – unless you cook the books; donnie knows how to do that, so coal is cheaper.


Today the trump misinformation announced that the United States will return to an all coal navy by 2020.

Not only will that drive untold hoards of morlock-like Americans back into the mines, it will unleash a shipbuilding frenzy unseen heretofore in world history.

Astoria Oregon, for instance has just floated a coal navy underpinned bond issue: “back to the good old days of WWII” is the tag line in their slick Wall Street created video.

The number of coal powered aircraft carriers, just for instance, that it’s gonna take to carry our naval air force becomes so big that one wonders how many countries the United States will need to invade and take over to have enough ports to house them.

It turns out that we will need 100 new coal powered carriers for every nuclear one we now have deployed.

I think that means that we need about 1400 new coal powered carriers.

Hell, we may run out of coal.

No problem.

We will just invade some coal rich country – like England – and dig away.

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