Friday, June 22, 2018

At The Ferry Dock Again–On Solstice Day

I had a reservation for the 1630 ferry.

I showed up at 1415.

I had done everything I like to do in the Anacortes area, including lunch at the Brown Lantern Ale House – see my Yelp review – and I still had two hours to kill.

“Not so fast” said fate: as I checked in with the nice gate keeper she told me that I had been moved to the 1800 ferry, giving me three and a half hours to kill, not two.

“Oh well I said”.

I really said something more pungent.

I could kill some of that time walking the shore trail and taking pictures of the animals, plants and the like.

So I did that for a couple of hours.

The images will be posted, below.

But before I do that I am going to take an excerpt from the Yelp review that I wrote and posted as I waited – with a plastic cup of Washington Ferries wine – on the ferry that had finally materialized, much later than 1800.


“They sent half the cars from the 1630 on the 1700 that departed at 1745; then they put the rest of the 1630 on the 1800 which may depart by 1915; and they chose to load and send off, more or less on schedule, the 1830, while those of us who were the 1630s waiting to be the 1800 (but, remember that it is really going to be the 1915) and were two and a half hours late, watched the 1800s merrily depart within 15 minutes of being on time.

That's maddeningly creative.”


Here are some pictures from an early summer day in the Pacific Northwest of  the United States.

Many of us out here on the northern-most tip of the Blue States of America are all hoping the the United States of America can last until 2020.


anacortes ferry dock 062118 00000

anacortes purple flower 062118 00000

anacortes grasses in the wind 062118 00000

anacortes elderberries 062118 00000

anacortes rose haw with fungus 062118 00000

anacortes teesel 062118 00000

anacortes salmon berries 062118 00000

anacortes great blue heron 062118 00000

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