Wednesday, March 6, 2019

76,000 Is A Crisis?

Recently 76,000 Central Americans have presented themselves to American authorities at the border so their claims of being refugees, under the terms of both International and United States law, can be adjudicated according to both those bodies of law.

I have several times recently heard that there are 233,000 or so – but who is counting? – Venezuelans newly ensconced in South Florida.

Why does donnie rail against the 76,000 Central Americans exercising their rights under United States and International law while basking in the warm adulation generated by his pandering blitherings to the 233,000 Venezuelans?

And how many of those 233,000 are undocumented?

And how did they get here?

And why weren’t they in any count of illegals?

And how many of the undocumented 233,000 will be invited to special polling places to vote for donnie in 2020?

Since they apparently are all happily at home in Miami one has to surmise that the fix is on.

But then, donnie always speaks out of both sides of his nasty little mouth, so one should not be surprised at this travesty.

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