Friday, March 22, 2019

The Tweets And The Compass Problem

The trump Debacle is apparently coming to a conclusion.

Daily for the last two or so years he has been a pornographic embarrassment to all Americans living and dead.

In fact, hard though it may be to imagine, he, I am sure, is much more embarrassing to our dead kindred, than to our living kindred.

The dead, after all, only need to keep being dead; the rest of us need to try to figure out how to avoid being mugged and how to keep feeding ourselves and mundane stuff such as that that are the pains in the ass attendant to being alive.

Not dead.

So they probably have more time to be embarrassed.

Among the dead that I believe are embarrassed, just at random, JFK, George Washington, FDR, Abraham Lincoln, MLK, and Malcom X  come to mind.

I can imagine limitless others.

Over last weekend donnie tweeted what Fox was saying as he watched Fox; that resulted in 50 separate tweets.

Sort of government by Fox via Twitter directly to the people.

What a system.

Somewhere in all those tweets donnie threatened that the military, the police and the bad bikers were all with him and ready to intervene.

If the rest of us get out of hand..

But other than that:

The tweets were all typical: hate filled, lies and fucking ridiculous.

Two possible explanations loom:

1. He knows he is about to be unhorsed by the Mueller Report


2. He has finally slipped his last cog into utter senile paranoia.

The thing that bothers me is that, whichever it is, it doesn’t matter.

The real problem isn’t trump; the real problem is the people.

The problem is, not only the people who voted for him, and are going to vote for him again, it is that many – or most – of the rest of the people don’t care that their president is an idiot, who either can’t or at least doesn’t read – anything, anytime – they admire those characteristics.

The real problem is that the world order conceptually started by Wilson, forged by FDR, cast in concrete by Truman and reinforced and utilized by every president ever since – until donnie the moron – has been shattered by the moron; since he doesn’t read he doesn’t know anything; to be president of the United States you need to know a lot of things.

The real problem is not that donnie has no moral compass: he looks upon any woman he deems to be attractive as legitimate prey, his daughter included; the real problem is that donnie has no compass of any kind.

The reason he hasn’t drained the swamp is, lacking any compass of any kind, he can’t even find his way out of the swamp, let alone drain it.

One might have supposed that utter amorality on all levels would have been a problem with the evangelicals.

Apparently, however, the sliding scale of morality adopted by the various genres of donnie-allied “Christians” is more than able to accommodate that sorry state of affairs.

However: I ask readers to expand what  are donnie’s sins to what else probably is un-mentioned, but obviously included in the list of sins of which donnie is guilty, but of which the people don’t car;: whatever they are or might be and whenever of however they come out the people won’t care.

(Remember the jacket the Croatian whore was wearing not long ago?)

That and those are the measure of the magnitude of the problem.

Because that problem is fatal to the Republic.

And the problem isn’t the sins and monstrous shortcomings of donnie.

It’s way more sinister and non-obvious.

It is that there are enough people in states where the electoral college jimmies presidential elections who “don’t care” and “love donnie” that we don’t have a country anymore.

We have a militia.

And the implications of that are yet to be felt.

The wild wind is about to be reaped.

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