Monday, March 25, 2019

P. T. Barnum And The Mueller Report

P.T. Barnum made it big advertising that his tent was full of various wonders to behold: the Goat Boy, the Spider Lady, the Living Mummy, etc. etc.

When the crowd had paid its pennies and had traversed the interior of the tent they always realized that they had been had; but they always loved it; or at least they never asked for their money back.

The phenomenon apparently involved deep embarrassment caused by having been had.

That embarrassment generated an unwillingness to admit it –  having been had.

Soon after the 2016 election The Economist opined that trump voters were all suffering from the P.T. Barnum Syndrome.

Yesterday the story of the phenomenon continued.

An appointed trump lackey created a four page work of fiction telling us of the complete exoneration of donnie to be found in a document that nobody but he – the lackey, and a few closely knit sub lackeys – has seen.

Or will ever see.

All of the rest of us, including our elected representatives, are being told to pay our pennies and go into the tent (accept the four page work of fiction) and get on with making America Great again.

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