Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Mueller Report: What I Think

I can’t imagine that two years work by 13 staff attorneys has generated a report that has found nothing.

A report that had found nothing would have been a a one sentence page of paper that said “we have found nothing”.

Apparently, however, there is a multi page report.

Apparently those attorneys found something.

However the letter of transmittal for that report says that there are no further indictments.

In the face of that statement a palpable and deafening sigh of relief has arisen form the hoard of the deplorables.

And now the deplorables are all chanting in unison “there is no collusion”.

That of course is debating error called false causality.

But here is what I think the document does say, in brief.

1. “Here is a list of the crimes of the president “(followed by the detail of each crime).

2. “There is Constitutional support for the premise that a sitting president can’t be indicted”.

3. “That being the case, this document does not indict the president for the crimes here enumerated”.

4. “Good night and Good Luck”.

Too bad no one will ever get to read it.

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