Monday, November 4, 2019

What I Would Do

donnie’s trial will most likely take place in early 2020.

That will take the top three Democratic Presidential candidates out of campaign circulation for up to six weeks.

If there were any chance of a guilty verdict that campaign inconvenience would be totally worthwhile.

But as long as the republicans march in lock step under the banner “The Constitution Be Damned; Retention Of Power Is Paramount” guilty is not in the cards, no matter the evidence.

The only good news in that is that that will cede the field to Mayor Pete.

But I would rather see him win in combat, not by default.

So what would I do if I were Nancy Pelosi?

I would do what I think she has been planning all along.

I would introduce a bill of censure for impeachable and criminal conduct by donnie.

The acts being censured would be:

1.  Massive violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution:  there are so many they could be aggregated in one summary sentence with a final clause saying “and he most recently tried to shake down the G7 by designating his property as the site for the next G7 meeting”.

2.  Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election:  Cambridge Analytica gave the necessary data to the Russians; Paul Manafort gave the specific polling data to the Russians, which in concert with Cambridge Analytica set up a surgically precise voter repression campaign, such that, in four states, 70,000 voters in aggregate across those states were repressed from voting, tipping the Electoral College in favor of donnie.

3.  Obstruction of Justice: ten counts are laid out by Mueller and a plethora of follow on examples exist from the impeachment investigation.

4.  Trying to rig the 2020 Presidential Election:  even the highly edited account released by donnie of the 25 July 2019 phone call to Zelinsky tells that tale clearly; massive follow on testimony fleshes out what happened, including the fact that the real transcript of the phone call is hidden on a secret server; which leads to:

5. Cover up.

And then all the candidates can get back to campaigning.

And that Bill of Censure can then become the ethics component of the 2020 Democratic election campaign.

That component can be interleaved with the other important campaign issues: health care, immigration, putting tax law and policy into synch with a modern democracy, not, as it currently is, a law to create a new class of serfs out of the majority of the non-billionaire population, and re building Pax Americana and its attendant state of American world leadership, after four years of catastrophic dismantling of the previously multi decade successful American System.

And then we will vote.

And then we will see whether the citizens of the United States want to continue having a criminal for president.

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