Monday, November 4, 2019

High Hopes

From the moment I first heard him speak I have felt that a once in a century leader was trying to get my attention.

He got it.

Back several months ago I posted that I had hope; that was because I could imagine a Democratic ticket with Bernie for President and Mayor Pete for VP.

A late term revolutionary paired with the future of America.

What could be better?

Since then, much though I revere Bernie, and will vote for him if he is the nominee, I believe that America again may live up to the statement once uttered by Otto von Bismarck: “God has a special Providence for drunks, little children and the United States of America”.

Until 2016, that has always tracked as true.

In 2016 that train came off the track.

However: maybe 2016 was just the exception to prove the Bismarck rule.

Maybe we are better than being led by a criminal, sex offender and psychopathic liar.

We shall see.

I have posted several ideas about how durable is the xenophobic, racist and psychotic thing that is trumpism; but maybe von Bismarck will prove right again.


Pete has the same magic that John Kennedy had.

I was 18 in 1960 so I couldn’t vote for him; but I would have.

So when I noticed that Pete was using the same theme song that John Kennedy used in 1960, I was pleased.

I have high hopes.

But we need the Senate.

And we must keep the House.

And remember this: John Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic to be elected President.

Maybe the same theme song can cast the magic of repeating history of firsts.

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