Sunday, November 17, 2019

Too Bad; He Says He's Healthy

But then, we all know how he lies.

(And for someone who doesn't smoke or drink he looks like shit.)

So maybe the good news is he's dying of obesity;

Or orange roughy disease.

But then that would bring Little Orphan Annie to the presidency;

To the throne as Ivanka calls it;

How sad;

But what a great movie it could be:

If that were to happen and Harvey Weinstein got back in the saddle:

donnie is dying of flatulant obesity;

Joaquin Phoenix is donnie jr. and Scarlett Johansson is Ivanka and they are reprising  the relationship with Joaquin that Scarlett brilliantly created in her all-vocal roll as a sexy heuristic operating system in Her, and the sister/brother thing that Phoenix made famous in The Gladiator.

I would imagine donnie would barge in on them at some intimate point to make it a toute famille de ménage a trois.

He may be dying but he's still donnie;

(That's a kinda heroic theme in the movie)
And then they would all three conspire to kill Orphan Annie and get donnie jr. to the throne.

(I have no idea how the plot and the Constitution can be bent and hammered to yield that result, but that's why there are script writers.)

And then donnie would die and we would have an immediate swearing in of donnie jr. by Brett the Beer Drinker - John Roberts having been put to death by a flock of rabid bats just previous to the swearing of in;


Then Ivanka would feed president donnie jr. his favorite food:

Mushroom soup;

And then, and then, and then … along came jones, I hear the Coasters singing in the background.

Pretty good TV.

I have copyrighted this treatment, so nobody steal it.

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