Thursday, May 28, 2020

Lopez Purple Flowers

I have always loved these purple flowers that grow on the sea side of the tombolo.

In fact, since it has looked to me as if our shore-side habitat at Swept Away  is pretty much the same as the one where the flowers grow, several years ago I harvested a bunch of seeds – they are like dandelions, seeds with parachutes all in a fluffy ball – and floated them out over the shore grass just beyond what had been the lawn in the Old Regime.

Nothing ever came up.


This morning I was looking out from the bedroom and made note of the fact that I was going to have to “get after that thistle” because I had seen a splash of purple in the shore grass.

Then I looked again.

The seeds have finally sprouted!

It wasn’t a thistle at all!!

And there are several more plants.

No more weed whacking for that veldt.

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