Saturday, May 30, 2020

Watching The Cake Crumble - The rest Of The Way

I'm on CBS streaming App.

A lot of folks are probably on other ways of watching layers four, three , two and one of the cake that is America topple into history's ash bin.

But we are all watching the cake crumble.

Kinda sad, I have to feel.

But kinda inevitable, I can't deny.

The lion-monkey shaped layer, so recently (today by my reckoning) toppled, was, after all, only a symptom of the hopeless toxicity of the whole cake, starting with its four hundred year old first layer.

That toxicity had become in recent years one of the key potential ingredients to a new, and now final,  layer of the cake.

That layer recently emerged as something looking like a lion-monkey.

That layer was the first to topple.

Only yesterday.

Today the other layers crashed into oblivion.

In the end, the thing that toppled the cake was a new ingredient: bovine-like, stupid self serving victimhood.

Much like a sows ear, you can't make a country great again trying to build it upon a herd of mewling victims.

It's even harder if the country already was great in spite of seventy thousand victims whining at the margins.

But they won and we lost and the last layer of the cake was put in place.

Too bad both the frosting and all the cake's ingredients were toxic.

That, in the end, was what toppled the cake.

Today, I think

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