Friday, October 30, 2020

A Known Commodity

 This guy lacks any tangible leadership ability, any tangible manifestation of intelligence, any tangible human characteristics, any tangible manifestation of anything one might call knowledge, curiosity or critical thinking - hell, thinking even - so I guess the fact that the country that got stuck with him as pretend president is about to start losing more than 5000 of its citizens weekly to a deadly virus that this guy says doesn't exist is not surprising.

But then I guess that the people who vote for this guy also are convinced that the virus doesn't exist.

It's nice when a shepherd and his flock are so well aligned.

It's just too bad that we can't send them all off together to some mountain fastness where the only people they can hurt are each other.

And really - I just heard a voice say - you're kidding that this guy is president of the united states; surely, surely you are kidding.

So goes my never ending mobius looped nightly nightmare track.

Sadness is loose upon the land; some have even mistaken it for the return of the Nazgul.

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