Monday, October 12, 2020

Last Minute Plea

 I have contributed periodically during this election cycle to Jaimie Harrison, Kim Mangone, Flip the Senate, Bernie and Pete - when they were still candidates, and $25 to Biden/Harris after they became the ticket.  

Last month I jumped to $100 each to Biden/Harris and to Flip the Senate.  

Now that it is mid-October, I just did nine small transactions to Jaimie, Joe and Kamala, Flip, Adam Schiff, Daily KOS (they need money to keep going) Kim, Mark Kelley and some others.  

I am posting about this because maybe my revelation of paltry late-season contributions will get some more of you thinking about chipping in during the waning hours.  

Remember "Corporations are People" and we - the (non-synthetic) people - need to do our best to counter that ugly supreme court assertion. 

And the only counter is money.

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