Wednesday, October 28, 2020

One Of The Major Whiners

 Here is what Lindsey Graham said recently in relation to the state of his campaign to be re-elected to the Senate:

"The left is going nuts," Graham told Ingraham. "You need to get on the internet right now. My opponent has raised more money than anybody in the entire history of the United States Senate because I've been with Kavanaugh, Barrett and I'm helping Trump."

A post I put up a couple of days ago attempted to explain to dum dum Graham how massive numbers of small contributions work in the service of Democracy (dum dum is launching an investigation into ActBlue because he says the democrats have one gigantic corrupt cash cache that they are dribbling out disguised as small contributions from contributors like me).

In that post I included a Quicken report showing my ActBlue contributions through September - there are a lot more in October not in Quicken yet.

I guess dum dum's whine on that is - non respective to the premise of his impending investigation - "Noel can't contribute to Jaimie Harrison; Harrison is in South Carolina; Noel is in Washington State".

Hey dum dum: Americans can contribute to the campaigns of anybody they want (you probably need to launch an investigation into that); now that you've got coney barret in there - the rabbit lady (coney is an archaic word for rabbit; I couldn't help but notice a similarity in breeding habits  - sorta like an aptronym).

If you want to know, dum dum, why a Washingtonian would be interested in a Senate campaign in South Carolina, please refer to the highlighted text, above.

That's democracy dum dum; that's something you republicans abhor.

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